Ron Edwards’ (creator of cult game “Sorcerer”) “S/lay w/Me” is a beautifully rules light game described as “phantasmagoric.” I can’t say that I entirely know what the heck that means. But I will say that this is one of the most refreshingly unique games that I’ve ever been able to play and game-master. At 28 pages, Edwards’ game is written with a rare directness and succinctness.

I really had a firm grasp of the game mechanics within a half hour of opening the book. And even better, I was able to teach my girlfriend the basics in less than a minute. We were able to play almost right away. This is a game about danger and attraction. The unabashed discussion of sex in an RPG is something I’m new to, but this is only one of many draws the game has to offer.

Instead of numeric stats, the game requires that the character’s characteristics are derived from a short sentence the player makes up to describe their hero. The possibilities are literally limitless. The standard setting is fantasy, but I could see these rules applying to a variety of settings.

The other player, creates the monster and lover for the hero to interact with. All this is done right before the game starts. Most everything is thought out on the fly. The hero player even decides what their quest is! There is no game master to designate a predetermined path.

This game encourages “role-playing” more than any other game I’ve ever played. The art fits perfectly, and leaves a lasting impression. If you want a game you can play on the fly this can’t be beat. For it’s originality and story driven mechanics I give this game an easy 10/10. This is a game veterans and noobs can both appreciate, and together.