Until the end of the academic year I will be researching medieval dream vision literature for my senior capstone.

My goal is to trace the lineage of oral storytelling traditions from their origins, to determine the ways in which  they have evolved into the contemporary manifestation we call role-playing games. If your asking, “Wait, what?” thats  perfectly fine. All I ask is that you bear with me.

Throughout the year I will be posting on the milestones I make in this research. Over to the left is Geoffrey  Chaucer – he is serving as my muse. After my comprehensive research is done (which won’t be for a while) I  hope to create my own dream vision RPG.

At this point I plan on releasing it for free to the public, but again… this is still a very early point in the  development.  I’m not sure what type of mechanics the game will use, but I am impressed and inspired by the  guys from Norwegian Style (http://norwegianstyle.wordpress.com/). Their emphasis on the RPG as an art  form is very interesting to me (Gygax must be rolling in his grave, may he RIP).

Anyways, this is the first dream vision post of many… stay tuned.