Fantasy role-playing games are sort of the industry standard. Of course there are others, but DnD pretty much set the precedence in 1974. This was 14 years before I was even born; my infant eyes opened to a world of Gygax venerators. The monolithic success of DnD followed Gygax his entire life. Unfortunately the shadow of his crowning achievement obfuscated some of his lesser known works. Eleven years after the original edition of DnD, Gygax along with Blume put together “Boot Hill” – a western shootout role-playing game. Now this might have been an extremely popular game back in the day – I have no idea. But only stumbling across it recently, I can only share my most preemptive thoughts (I spotted it over here

Most of the retro clones I’ve been seeing are fantasy. And old-school inspired sci-fi games are demanding a lot of attention right now too. But I’ve noticed there isn’t much of a movement to upstart any “old-school” westerns. Perhaps there just isn’t enough of a demand or an awareness of such a thing. The folks over at Terminal Space ( seem to be giving it one hell of a go (albeit with a Sci-fi twist). But I’m curious – what type of game do you want receiving the retro-clone touch? I personally appreciate all of the fantasy material that keeps coming out, but I’m also always interested in seeing something a little different. I love a good dungeon crawl – but sometimes it’s refreshing to get some air in another genre.

I would love to play a rules light western game, something I could beef up with my own content. I’m going to try my luck to see if I can find a hard copy of the early “Boot Hill” because that would be ideal. Western games are fun – but I’m wondering if there aren’t other genres or ideas that might be inspired by the mechanics of the old school. As far as I know, there aren’t any old school zombie survival games. I’m tempted to apply Open Gaming License content to my own zombie survival home-brew, just to see what happens…