The start of our campaign was dizzying, eerie, and pulpy as all hell. Once we got a firm grasp of the rules, it turned out be a really great first session. “Humanspace Empires” has such a great feel right now. It’s hard to describe exactly, but gamemastering these sessions is exhilarating. Go download this FREE game, and read my review of it in the previous post.

[This is Peter Mullen’s “mantoid” ( His work is really quite inspiring.]

In our campaign – this is a Pei Choi (read up on them in “Humanspace Empires” if you have the PDF). The Pei Choi are the original benefactors of the player characters.

Two major factions have appeared thus far:

The first is the Esperdyne Corporation. Through Esperdyne the Pei Choi have managed to secure their colonial efforts across humanspace. Largely, their operations have gone on protected by desperate but war-born casteless from across the stars, particularly humans. These men at arms are little more than pawns, but they have proven to be an efficient investment for the Pei Choi. The player characters start the game as Esperdyne mercenaries, on a routine low atmosphere carrier flight on an unnamed moon. This is a very important job, because the Pei Choi haven’t been able to expand without making some enemies. But when the the player’s ship crashes inexplicably, the heroes are left to find out the source of this invisible threat.

The second is the Zodiac Dog; a shadowy corporation with an elusive leader. The corporation has links to insurrectionist groups working against the Pei Choi expansion across the stars. The player characters recently stumbled across one of the ZD’s hidden compounds. Inside they found subservient robotic drones maintaining the facilities enormous energy output. The output from this very base, sent the energy waves that scrambled the carrier the PC’s had been flying in. Delving deeper into the base, the PC’s watched as the very halls became a myriad of flesh and beating-organs. After cutting through some monstrous enforcers for the ZD, the PC’s managed to shut down the base and escape to the surface, only to see that they were too late. The ZD managed to pull the Esperdyne satellite orbiting the moon right out of the sky. We ended the session with the heroes stranded from their employers… Or are they finally free?

I plan to write more Sandbox Campaign entries so keep an eye out for more in the future!

P.S. I also promised R. that I would write up a prestigious “courtesan guild” because his character has a background in that skill (see “Humanspace Empires”). He told me to think “Firefly.” So look out for that too. Because R. is a gladiator/courtesan, I think the guild could have a very interesting militant edge.