Ordinarily when I introduce a home-brew monster into a session, I try to limit its description to only a few words. My hope is that the players will come to define the creature on their own terms, filling in the blanks as needed. As referee I abstain entirely from offering any input into the appearance or mannerisms of the player characters (protagonist descriptions are something the other players should enjoy). But having artists around to game with is always a good thing. As fun as it is to think of the game-world as an amorphous reality, art lends the game stability. Being able to physically look at a thing, rather than to simply grasp at it in minds eye, lends permanency and thus believability to the campaign. I can thank Alexander Swenson for adding a layer of vividness to our sandbox campaign by letting me post his drawings. Make sure to check out more of his art here.

Here’s an image of Azi:

Azi is just as likely to pull out a med-kit as he is a space sword. Neigh.

Below are two images of O’Reny:

Four words: steam punk & mole man.

Below is an image of Moxu fighting one of my unnamed monsters (Moxu is attacking from behind… the sneaky fella). This monster was once a sentient avian alien from a dark region of space (thats a mouthful). As you can see, once mutated these creatures don’t look much like birds anymore. Exposed to an aquatic parasite, the spacefaring birds were transformed as the minds of host and parasite enmeshed to create a singular abominable intelligence. I’d love to get a name for these things if I could. What do you think? Bird + coral + crab = ??

Is it just me, or is there a face underneath the beak? I can make out an eye, nose, ear, and I think the mouth is a coral polyp.