To any faithful readers out there, I owe you an explanation. Over the past twenty days or so, I’ve been preoccupied with graduation as well as finding a job. Unfortunately, that whole finding a job thing hasn’t quite worked out yet. But I’m doing my damnedest! Below is a photograph of my buddy Mike on the day of graduation… Actually its Mike’s character Dorin, drawn by Alexander Swenson (see more of his drawings in the last post). I’ll never forget Dorin. Mike was going for a space dwarf motif, but what really solidified this concept for me is the quaff cannon. What is a quaff cannon you ask? Mike invented it – essentially it’s an axe launcher. Absurd? O yes, and in the best way. To Mike, Rich, Matt, Alex, Alex, & Alex its been a good RPG run, boys. Keep rolling high!