I’ve moved back to Ma from Ny. Back with my old friends its time to put away the D20’s and try something a little different for a while. I’ve been meaning to run a few sessions of (and review) Greg Stolze’s “A Dirty World” for quite some time now. Stolze utilizes the d10 “one roll engine.” It’s been used in other games, but in “A Dirty World” it’s really impressive.

I want to mention that the game itself reads quickly, which is great for those of us with limited time (so, all of us). Stolze’s writing is concise, which really aids in my understanding of the at times, highly abstract rules. The read seemed to me a perfect length. And yet the real tone of the game came through not just with the limited fluff, but directly through the rules themselves. I wont say too much except to say, the rules seem to perfectly complement the games desired appeal. They are gritty, frantic, and unpredictable.

I’ve been watching a lot of noir films lately and I really got hung up on Graham Greene’s “The Third Man.” I believe the film was filmed in London, which is striking to me because the film feels particularly “noir” as I might define it, and yet it was filmed outside the confines of hollywood where the noir genre really took off (correct me if I’m wrong). But in the few noir films I’ve managed to see, violence is something catastrophic – not simply something to walk away from. I wonder how my friends will deal with this in our upcoming game. Which leads me to my next post…